Tuesday, August 17, 2004

NYT's Journalistic Hypocrisy

I have to say that I saw this coming from a mile away. The New York Times ("all the liberal propaganda unfit to print") is crying foul about having subpoenas filed against them in a federal investigation to discover who outted Valerie Plame. Not so long ago, every "reporter" in the liberal media was demanding that Robert Novak reveal his sources as there was a possibility that the leak was made by someone in the Bush administration. Now, as evidence mounts to the contrary, and other reporters are being asked to reveal their sources, NYT, LAT, etc. are clamming up and citing the First Amendment.

We all know that the Left views the First Amendment as their sole property, but it's never been more apparent than it has been recently. When Whoopi Goldberg's crappy-series-of-the-week gets canceled or Susan Sarandon isn't invited to a showing of Bull Durham for whatever reason, it's "censorship," but when Dr. Laura Schlesinger is denied a talk show, it's "a victory in the war on 'hate-speech.'" The media takes the same viewpoint: it's Free Speech as long as we agree with it, otherwise, it's "hate speech." When the NYT was demanding that Novak hand over his sources, they kept trying to claim that it was his "journalistic repsonsibility" to reveal who gave him Valerie Plame's name. Now that the NYT is being asked the same question, Free Speech and Freedom of the Press are under an "unprecedented assault."

The hypocrisy is stunning, though not unexpected.

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